Charles Reiffel’s return from San Diego Museum of Art

Just arrived back from exhibition, a pair of oils by American artist Charles Reiffel. “Josephine on the Porch” and “Josephine in the Garden” are two early 20th century paintings painted when Reiffel was at Silvermine Conn. Josephine is his niece and a beautiful model for the two small impressionist works. Each work has a full page color illustration in the book “Charles Reiffel: An American Post Impressionist” by Ariel Plotek (available for 29.20 on Reiffel is an important artist, most frequently associated with California but with Connecticut roots. See biography for more information or enjoy a copy of the book!

Painting by Charles Reiffiel on exhibition

Charles Reiffel Josephine in the Garden

Charles Reiffel Josephine at Silvermine oil painting

Charles Reiffel Josephine on the Porch

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