Painting and Sculpture New Additions

New horses and dogs for sale! A sensitive early 20th century impressionist painting by listed New York artist Sybilla Mittel Weber. Weber has caught a quiet moment shared between a young woman and a beautiful reddish brown horse. Wonderful green landscape background.

oil painting by Sybilla Weber young woman and horse

Sybilla Weber Horse and Young Woman

Edith Loop oil painting black horse in landscape

Edith Loop Horse in Landscape

A horse portrait by listed California artist Edith Harrison Loop. Stunning black horse with a white blaze and socks, soft eyes and a friendly expression. Lovely soft pastel landscape background. Painted circa 1910, oil on canvas, beautiful period gilded frame.

Great patina of deep medium brown on the bronze sculpture of a dog by listed Michigan artist Elizabeth Virginia Palmer Bradfield. Circa early 20th century and marked by the foundry, Bronze Works NY. Great strong and regal expression and stance. Original marble base.

Elizabeth Virginia Palmer Bradfield bronze dog

Elizabeth Palmer Bradfield Bronze Dog

Carved wood – a modernist figure of a reclining woman, classic pose and exceptional period look. Circa mid century, unsigned. Four dog bookends by 20th century wood carver Art Richott, New Haven CT. Not a lot is known of Richott except he did works for Yale and several of the classic Yale bulldogs. Excellent quality work, circa forties.

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