George Marinko Connecticut Roots

Additional info on American modernist  painter George Marinko from the 1989 exhibition brochure “George Marinko 1908-1989 Pioneer American Surrealist”. Marinko was born in Connecticut, studied art at Yale, and lived his last 30 years in New Haven. During his lifelong painting career he exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, National Academy of Design, & Art Institute of Chicago.  He was represented by the prestigious galleries of Ferargil and Grand Central Galleries in New York City.

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In the sixties, seventies and eighties, while he lived in New Haven, he also became close friends with the owners at the Owenego Beach Club Branford CT. Marinko spent time at the club, painting signs and decorating the walls with his up lifting animals, florals. and still lifes. He gave many works to the owners and his works adorned the walls of their private residences and the inn. The works offered here are directly from the Owenego estate of works given to them by George.

George Marinko Green Apples & Pears

George Marinko Green Apples & Pears

George Marinko modernist fruit still life painting

George Marinko Fruit Painting

George Marinko Floral watercolor painting

George Marinko Floral “Boquet”


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