The Donkey in Art & History

On the Horses & Dogs and Sculpture pages you will find three donkey art works. Donkeys are a member of the horse family, they are known to be stubborn but also incredibly strong, gentle, patient and trusting. A donkey may resist going somewhere it is afraid of but as Cervantes writes in Don Quixote they are a ‘steady and loyal companion’. A small donkey is often referred to as a burro. Donkeys have been important to man for thousands of years and artists have painted and sculpted them since Egyptian times. Here are the current works available;

Carved wood donkey bust sculpture

Carved wood Donkey

antique 1860 hand colored Fitzinger engraving, Donkey

Donkey Antique Fitzinger Engraving

clovis edmund masson circus donkey bronze

Clovis Edmund Masson Circus Donkey

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