John Frederick Herring Junior 1820-1907 England

Best known for his equine art, he was the son of John Frederick Herring, Sr.,
animal and sporting painter.John F. Herring, Jr. was born in Doncaster c.1820; an older brother born 1815 and bearing the same name, presumably had died before 1820.  John, as well as his brothers Charles and Benjamin all became painters in the style of their father and often collaborated on a single
painting.  Herring Jr. undoubtedly benefited from his father’s popularity with
the British nobility and his sporting and animal paintings became increasingly
popular.  After 1836, Herring Sr. began incorporating the Sr. at the end of his
signature to distinguish his works from those of his son’s.Though he stayed with the subject matter as before, in the course of his career, Herring Jr. began loosening his brushwork, widening his views, and, characteristically,
placing farm animals in farmyards or at the banks of a stream.  He married Kate
Rolfe, an artist and the daughter of Alexander Rolfe, the English angling and
sporting artist. During his lifetime, Herring exhibited at all the major
exhibition halls including the Royal Academy, where he exhibited: The Farm –
(1863), Farm-yard (1864), Watering the Team (1869),
The Homestead (1871) and A Farm yard (1872) among others. John Frederick Herring, Jr. died in 1907.


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