The Donkey in Art & History

On the Horses & Dogs and Sculpture pages you will find three donkey art works. Donkeys are a member of the horse family, they are known to be stubborn but also incredibly strong, gentle, patient and trusting. A donkey may resist going somewhere it is afraid of but as Cervantes writes in Don Quixote they are a ‘steady and loyal companion’. A small donkey is often referred to as a burro. Donkeys have been important to man for thousands of years and artists have painted and sculpted them since Egyptian times. Here are the current works available;

Carved wood donkey bust sculpture

Carved wood Donkey

antique 1860 hand colored Fitzinger engraving, Donkey

Donkey Antique Fitzinger Engraving

clovis edmund masson circus donkey bronze

Clovis Edmund Masson Circus Donkey

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George Marinko Connecticut Roots

Additional info on American modernist  painter George Marinko from the 1989 exhibition brochure “George Marinko 1908-1989 Pioneer American Surrealist”. Marinko was born in Connecticut, studied art at Yale, and lived his last 30 years in New Haven. During his lifelong painting career he exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, National Academy of Design, & Art Institute of Chicago.  He was represented by the prestigious galleries of Ferargil and Grand Central Galleries in New York City.

Book1 Book2

In the sixties, seventies and eighties, while he lived in New Haven, he also became close friends with the owners at the Owenego Beach Club Branford CT. Marinko spent time at the club, painting signs and decorating the walls with his up lifting animals, florals. and still lifes. He gave many works to the owners and his works adorned the walls of their private residences and the inn. The works offered here are directly from the Owenego estate of works given to them by George.

George Marinko Green Apples & Pears

George Marinko Green Apples & Pears

George Marinko modernist fruit still life painting

George Marinko Fruit Painting

George Marinko Floral watercolor painting

George Marinko Floral “Boquet”


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Vintage Dog Art

NolaJuly11 IMG_2349 ChaunceySmileDogs are great – whether a mix or pure breed – they bring an energetic quality to our lives. On the Riverside Fine Art website you will find vintage and antique pieces, some are unidentifiable mixed or extinct breeds but many are breeds we know and love. Pure bred dog works include the breeds of; Poodles – black and white/silver, Brittany Spaniel, the American Bulldog, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Bull Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Airedale, Miniature Pinscher, Irish Setter, Papillon, Cairn / Norwich Terrier, Akita /Spitz mix, Scottish Terrier (etching and bronzes), Cocker Spaniel, Doberman and smooth fox terrier sculpture. You will see quality original paintings, drawings, pastels, watercolors, etchings and engravings – please let me know if my canine ID is off! Thank You – Happy New Year & Happy Art Browsing

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Books on Vintage Frames

There are many good references out there on old frames – history and restoration. To read more about antique and vintage frames some of the following books could be of interest;

M.F. Daviess
How to restore antique frames

Art Restoration Service (1977) ASIN B00072UVX2

William Wheeler and Charles H. Hayward
Practical Woodcarving and Gilding
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; New Ed edition. (Sep 1983) ISBN 978-0713514216

John Payne
Framing the Nineteenth Century: Picture Frames 1837-1935
Images Publishing Group Pty, Ltd. (Dec 2007) ISBN 978-1864701999

Eva Mendgen (editor) with contributions by Wolfgang Kemp, Lynn Roberts, and other authors.
In Perfect Harmony: Picture + Frame 1850-1920
Waanders (1995) ISBN 978-0295974782

Eli Wilner and Mervyn Kaufman
Antique American Frames: Identification and Price Guide (Confident Collector)
Avon Books; 2nd Ed edition. (Dec 1999) ISBN 978-0-380-80221-0

Richard R. Brettell The art of the edge: European frames, 1300-1900Art Institute of Chicago (1986) ISBN 978-0865590625

Claus Grimm Book of Picture Frames Abaris Books. (Dec 1992) ISBN 978-0-89835-320-4

Nicholas Penny Frames (National Gallery Pocket Guides) Yale University Press. (Sep 1997) ISBN 978-1-85709-165-6

Henry Heydenryk, Jr. The Art and History of Frames The Lyons Press; New Ed edition. (Feb 1994) ISBN 978-1-55821-265-7

Henry Heydenryk, Jr. The Right Frame The Lyons Press (2002) ISBN 1-58574-753-X

Deborah Davis Secret Lives of Frames Hachette Filipacchi Media. (Feb 2007) ISBN 978-1-933231-16-7
Eli Wilner The Gilded Edge: The Art of the Frame Chronicle Books. (Oct 2000) ISBN 978-0-8118-2070-7
Suzanne Smeaton and Eli Wilner “The Art of the Frame”: American Frames from the Arts and Crafts Period Eli Wilner and Company (1988) ISBN 978-0966750805


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English Oil Paintings Circa Nineteenth Century

So much wonderful art has come from England and the 1900’s was a particularly productive time for English painters. The well respected Royal Academy supported both important painters of the Romantic movement and the Pre-Raphaelites. Added new today is a 1908 classic English landscape by listed 19th century artist Daniel Porter. The Porter joinsenglishThumb two other English paintings “The Starfish” by listed artist R.H Campbell and a gorgeous small marsh view by listed artist Abraham Hulk II.

Daniel Porter  1908

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Wood Carving as Art?

This week in Sculpture and Horse & Dogs are new additions of hand carved wood works. So much carved wood objects you see today are made by machine or mass produced it is easy to forget about it as an artistic medium. Following is some information on wood carving ;

In carving history figure-work seems to have been universal. To carve a figure in wood may be not only more difficult but also less satisfactory than sculpting with marble, owing to the tendency of wood to crack, to be damaged by insects, or to suffer from changes in the atmosphere. The texture of the material, too, often proves challenging to the expression of features, especially in the classic type of youthful face. On the other hand, magnificent examples exist of the more rugged features of age: the beetling brows, the furrows and lines neutralizing the defects of the grain of the wood. In ancient work the surface may not have been of such consequence, for figures as a rule being painted for protection and especially color.

Vintage carved wood modernist figure

Vintage Mid Century Modernist Figure

In the early 20th century, the Encyclopædia Britannica, on which much of this entry is based, commented, “Of late years carving has gone out of fashion. The work is necessarily slow and requires substantial skill, making the works expensive. Other and cheaper methods of decoration have driven carving from its former place. Machine work has much to answer for, and the endeavor to popularize the craft by means of the village class has not always achieved its own end. The gradual disappearance of the individual artist, elbowed out as he has been, by the contractor, is fatal to the continuance of an art which can never flourish when done at so much a yard.” This statement has proven untrue, as the continued survival of the art and craft of woodcarving can be demonstrated by the large number of woodcarvers who have carried on or advanced the tradition in different parts of the world.

Luckily woodcarving may be rare but is not a dead art!


vintage forties carved wood doberman bookends

Vintage 40’s Carved Wood Dobermans

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Painting and Sculpture New Additions

New horses and dogs for sale! A sensitive early 20th century impressionist painting by listed New York artist Sybilla Mittel Weber. Weber has caught a quiet moment shared between a young woman and a beautiful reddish brown horse. Wonderful green landscape background.

oil painting by Sybilla Weber young woman and horse

Sybilla Weber Horse and Young Woman

Edith Loop oil painting black horse in landscape

Edith Loop Horse in Landscape

A horse portrait by listed California artist Edith Harrison Loop. Stunning black horse with a white blaze and socks, soft eyes and a friendly expression. Lovely soft pastel landscape background. Painted circa 1910, oil on canvas, beautiful period gilded frame.

Great patina of deep medium brown on the bronze sculpture of a dog by listed Michigan artist Elizabeth Virginia Palmer Bradfield. Circa early 20th century and marked by the foundry, Bronze Works NY. Great strong and regal expression and stance. Original marble base.

Elizabeth Virginia Palmer Bradfield bronze dog

Elizabeth Palmer Bradfield Bronze Dog

Carved wood – a modernist figure of a reclining woman, classic pose and exceptional period look. Circa mid century, unsigned. Four dog bookends by 20th century wood carver Art Richott, New Haven CT. Not a lot is known of Richott except he did works for Yale and several of the classic Yale bulldogs. Excellent quality work, circa forties.

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Elizabeth Virginia Palmer Bradfield 1875-1954

Michigan/California wildflower, still life painting, sculpture

Exhibition: Art Association * National Academy of Design-
Exhibition: Museum * Art Institute of Chicago * Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Methods * Easel Painting, Sculpture
Subjects * Floral Landscape, Wildflowers * Still Life
Geography/Places Lived and/or Worked * Southern California Before 1900
Chronology * Early 20th Century Before 1950 * Late 19th Century, After Civil War
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Edith Harrison Loop 1873-1952 Biography

Born in New York City, Edith Loop was a portrait painter.  She was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association and the Pasadena Art Institute, where she exhibited in 1928.  She also exhibited work at the Laguna Beach Art Gallery in 1930. Edith Loop was the daughter of Henry and Jeanette Loop, both artists, and she was a niece of artist Birge Harrison.She lived in Pasadena in 1915-1916, and by 1918, had settled in Laguna Beach until her death in 1952.Her work was represented by the Biltmore Gallery in Los Angeles.

Edith Loop oil painting black horse in landscape

Edith Loop Horse in Landscape

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Sybilla Mittel Weber 1892-1957

Exhibition: Art Association * National Academy of Design- * Salons of America-
Exhibition: Museum * Art Institute of Chicago
Methods * Easel Painting * Printmaking, Graphic Design
Media * Etching, Etcher * Watercolor, Watercolour
Subjects * Animals, Zoology
Art Association * Salons of America * Society of American Etchers/Brooklyn Society of Etchers * Washington DC Watercolor Society/Association
Chronology * Early 20th Century Before 1950 * Late 20th Century After 1950
Added Description * Animal Specialty
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